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Anita Bacic

current works...

an/other time is a location-specific and experiential work that encourages exploration of space to reconsider alternative narratives of Moonah in Hobart, Tasmana. Using a custom-made iOS app, an iOS mobile device, a printed map and earphones explore Moonah with stories from those who live there.

Visit the Moonah Arts Centre during opening hours and explore the area with an/other time.
More about the work here >>
Download the app for iPhones or iPad minis >>

black & light is part of the exhibition "Reflecting On Otherworlds" currently at Bridge Art Space in Bangkok. black & light continues on from my explorations of camera obscura and pin-hole experiences. The exhibition encompasses 2 pin-hole box experiences which during daylight shows the world outside the gallery space, plus it is the first time images of other camera obscura installations have been shown to the public.
More about the work here >>